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As a Justice of the Peace in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Karol Michelle is mainly called upon to solemnize marriages. Although, she has the authority to perform other duties, some similar to those of a Notary Public, however, she is rarely called upon as a Justice to perform them. She is authorized to perform marriages anywhere within the Commonwealth and her fee to solemnize a marriage is set by the laws of Massachusetts.

As a Notary Public, she serves the public in a similar capacity as a Justice of the Peace. However, lacking the authority to perform marriages. As a Notary she is able to administer oaths, take affidavits, depositions, attest to and certify deeds and other documents to make them authentic and legally binding. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts also sets any fees charged by a Notary.

Karol Michelle is also a freelance Spanish/English translator. In this capacity, she performs a significant amount of complex written and verbal translations of newspaper articles, legal documents, birth and marriage certificates, letters and other documents that prove vital in legal matters. Her translation fees vary and depend on the size and complexity of the work.

She also maintains her freelance paralegal business.  With approximately eighteen years experience in the legal field, it is her goal to provide expert legal assistance to attorneys, as well as, non-legal business services to other professionals who need help with specific projects.  Her fees vary and depend on the size, complexity and hours involved.

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